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Water Garden Case Study

In early 2004, the owners of Indian Chimney Farm approached us for some expert assistance with a pond they were planning. While they were avid gardeners and wished to help build the pond, they knew they needed help with planning, excavation, rock walls, the liner and all the rest.
Here are six photos showing the progression of the pond:

Here is the site for the water garden. It is planned to have two levels, a smaller, deeper, and higher round section (surrounded by blocks in this photo), then a 6' stream, ending in a waterfall tumbling into a larger kidney shaped goldfish pond.

Here is a small excavator frequently used by Kersat. It's sitting in the middle of the lower pond, beginning excavation, as another worker is placing the cement blocks used to raise up the upper pond.

In this photo, the excavation is completely done. A rainfall at night added some water to the lower pond. The upper pond wall is being reinforced with the excavated dirt, raising it up about 3 feet above grade.

Finally, the dirt moving is done, the huge liner is laid, in 3 pieces, and the garden hose is feebly trying to fill the pond.

After running out their wells, the owners ordered in water delivery. 6,700 gallons later, the sun rose on a filled pond. You can see the return water line along the right side of the pond.

Here the pond is complete, a small mountain of cobblestones top the walls, water lilies inside the pond, shredded bark mulch and the beginnings of plantings surround the outside. A small fence keeps kids out of the pond during this event.

Intrigued? Call us today and find out how we can help you build your dream pond.